TAI-YEN Industrial Co., Ltd.

About us



Established in 1962, Taiyen has almost 60 years of experience in plastic welding process and specializing in technical development of high-frequency and ultrasonic equipment applications. Over the years, our positive innovation, perfect and expert service; great number of machines are well-designed and developed to meet the challenges and expectations from our clients. Today, Taiyen has become one of the most professional welding machinery of high frequency & ultrasonic and related automation equipment in Taiwan.

Since 1971, our company has technical cooperated with one of Japanese leading machinery, " Seidensha Electronics Co., Ltd " to develop the our High-Frequency Welding Machine. Furthermore, in 1994, we cooperated with Japan " Fuji Radio Industrial Co., Ltd " to establish "Shanghai Furong Industrial Heating Equipment Co., Ltd." in Shanghai as a new R&D base, and continued innovating advanced technology of high frequency and ultrasonic. Taiyen gradually developed and customized various types of plastic welding equipments in many different fields, especially in medical, automotive and sport Industry.


Create more value for our clients

We listen and communicate to our customers to actively develop new and ideal equipments. Our machine can be widely used in the welding of medical consumptions, medical mask, medical tubing, liquid bag, all kinds of waterproof backpack, jacket, sporting goods, automotive parts, car deck, wiper, car lumbar airbag, car door, car lights, shoe air cushion, air mattress, antibacterial mattress cover, protective clothing, life boat, life jacket, lifebuoy, aircraft escape slide, car sun visor, curtain, carpet, scooter seat, packaging, stationery, toys, household goods, dinner ware, electrical products,...etc. In recent years, the development of our unique customized machines for above applications have been widely and successfully recognized by many clients in worldwide markets.

"Tai-Yen Industrial" has been in the global market for 58 years. We firmly believe in three core competencies, such as the growing technical strength, the fulfilment of customer demand, and the reliability of customer service. We will continue to innovate and break through to meet the needs of customers, and create more value for clients.

Tai-Yen's Business Philosophy

" Quality and Reputation First."

Based on honest business philosophy of our founder Mr. K.J. Shen, we commit to provide the best quality and service to customers. This integrity spirit formed the foundation of the belief and sustainable operation of Taiyen.